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Notice of the first-time registration according to § 9 VerpackG

HautSpektakel® – Die Wohlfühlmanufaktur will be registered from 14.09.2020 as a manufacturer of packaging subject to system participation with the registration data listed in the attachment under the registration number DE4260745087713.

HautSpektakel® – Die Wohlfühlmanufaktur submitted an application for registration as a manufacturer of packaging subject to system participation to the Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (Central Packaging Register Body) on 14.09.2020 with the data listed in the annex.

In his application, the manufacturer made a declaration that he fulfills his take-back obligations by participating in one or more systems or by one or more industry solutions, Section 9(2)(5) of the Act on the Placing on the Market, the Taking Back and High-Quality Recovery of Packaging (Packaging Act-VerpackG).

The manufacturer made a declaration in his application that the information listed in the appendix is true, § 9 Paragraph 2 Number 6 VerpackG. The central body is responsible for deciding on the registration application, § 26 paragraph 1 sentence 1, sentence 2 number 1 VerpackG.

The central office registers HautSpektakel® – Die Wohlfühlmanufaktur as manufacturer of packaging subject to system participation according to the application, § 9 paragraph 1 sentence 1, paragraph 2, paragraph 3 sentence 1 and 2 VerpackG. The registration number according to § 9 paragraph 3 sentence 2 VerpackG results from the operative part of this notice.