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A product is only as good as the use of its raw materials and the love with which it was made.

Pamela & Michael

The Spectacle of Skin..

… is a big topic in our society.

Our skin is our largest, coherent, external contact organ. It has an area of about 2 m² and is equipped with an infinite number of receptors. The skin surrounds us, as does our environment. Like no other of our organs, the skin is directly exposed to the influences of the environment It reacts to heat, cold, contact, touch and communicates with us through redness, scaling, pimples or itching. All emotions, whether shame or anger, are reflected in the skin.

So, we want to do something good for it and find a downright washing madness in many bathrooms: Starting with shower gel, shampoo, body lotion, face cream, makeup, hair gel, hair spray, detergent, fabric softener and perfume, women in particular go through a marathon of fragrances & co. The shower is full of plastic bottles that promise you well-being and care, but whose list of chemical ingredients barely fits on the label. This is not only bad for the environment, but also for our bodies.

HautSpektakel®: Delicate Macadamia Soap with ORGANIC macadamia nut oil
HautSpektakel®: Sample Pieces (all variations)

We live in a world where skin diseases, skin reactions, intolerances or irritations are becoming more and more common. Nutrition, psyche, medications, hormones, stress, etc., contribute immensely to whether we feel good in our skin or not, because it often shows how we feel inside. Therefore, it is important to us not to further irritate the skin with harmful chemicals, on the contrary:
We should support them in their fabulous function and do something good for our body. Body care means for us: conscious cleaning and feeling good, something very intimate and important – but please without additives and odorless. Something truly good, that’s what wellness means to us.

In contrast to the many care products that we already use in everyday life, we believe that it must be perfectly fine – no, even important – that the soap does not smell and is not “loaded” with unnecessary ingredients.

We believe that no additives are necessary, whether artificial or natural, to offer an excellent product. That is why we completely avoid essential oils, fragrances, dyes and preservatives. For the love of nature and people.


I’m no longer accepting the things I cannot change.
I’m changing the things I cannot accept.

Angela Y. Davis

What is a good soap?

In memory of earlier times, the term soap is still often associated with curd soap or drying soaps, usually in the form of colorful, strongly scented blocks on the edge of the sink. However, with ingredients such as glycerine, synthetic surfactants, silicones or refined oils, these have few caring properties and the list of harmful and industrial substances is long. Yet the quality of a product depends on the right ingredients and manufacturing.

What makes our soap so special?

At HautSpektakel® we use premium oils, water and sodium hydroxide (NaOH). In this process, the NaOH is necessary for the saponification process to occur.

Except for these ingredients, we do not need anything else for our handmade soaps – except a lot of love during production and time. Because our soaps “mature” at least 6 weeks, until with a little patience we may hold an excellent product in our hands. Just as natural as the ingredients is also the smell: Since we do not use any artificial fragrances or essential oils, our products are ideal for sensitive skin and smell only of saponified oils. After all, that’s all there is to it!


We produce exclusively in the cold boiling process (CP = Cold Press = cold saponification)! This means: No oil is heated to more than 40 °C to gently process the heat-sensitive ORGANIC oils and thus ensure the highest quality in our products.

HautSpektakel®: Pamela Tellbach and Michael Spengler

The ph-value of our soaps is between 9.66 – 9.79 and is therefore alkaline. Germs and bacteria have NO chance to survive on this surface!

HautSpektakel®: pH-Values

Good to know!

Do you have hard water? This reduces the washing power of natural soaps, and calcium and magnesium ions may block the carboxyl group of the soap and form insoluble lime soap. This is manifested, for example, by lime deposits on faucets, etc. This process can be eliminated with the help of softeners, e.g. by using citric acid or vinegar.

HautSpektakel®: Various soap blocks
HautSpektakel®: Full Moon Soap (Block, Snail and Sample Piece)

As with all oils, cool, light-protected and dry storage is also important for soaps. To avoid a loss of consistency, the soaps should not lie on wet surfaces, but ideally be dried with the help of our matching soap holder. The soaps can be portioned super and dry perfectly without any intervention. If this is observed – even during everyday use – we guarantee a first-class product that will keep for several months even without preservatives.

All our body soaps have a refatting effect of 9%. This value denotes the non-saponified oil content in a soap. In this way, we ensure that the skin does not dry out, but receives wonderfully nourishing care.

SAVONT Soap Holder


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HautSpektakel®: Soft Almond Soap (Block)
HautSpektakel®: Soft Almond Soap (Block, Snail, Heart and Sample Piece)

And for our four-legged friends?

Of course, we refrain from animal testing 100% of our products! – We even go one step further: Our soaps are so natural and compatible that we do not want to deprive the four-legged friends. Therefore we have developed our natural animal soap. No more itching after washing and no overwhelming smell for the sensitive dog nose.


Animal Soap (Velvet Paws)


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