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A very warm welcome

We wish you a lot of joy while enjoying our valuable products, which nature has given us!
Made with love for you in the Volcanic Eifel.
Your skin and the environment will thank you.

Pamela & Michael

Michael Spengler

As a trained chef, I have developed a sensitivity for judging foodstuffs such as oils according to their quality. I know how to distinguish a cheap oil from a top quality oil. I transfer this knowledge with great pleasure to the production of premium products for body, mind and soul!

In 21 years of professional experience in the areas of IT and sales, I have seen a lot of the world and today I also bring my business knowledge from my studies in business informatics and business administration into our HautSpektakel®.

HautSpektakel®: Michael Spengler
Creamy Avocado Soap

Pamela Tellbach

The common thread in my life, whether privately or professionally, is the topic of health. By attending a pharmaceutical-technical school and working in a medical specialized trade as well as a pharmaceutical company, I can bring all my knowledge into our HautSpektakel®.

As a trained wholesale and export merchant and thanks to many years of professional experience, I also have the necessary foresight for economic and organizational aspects, which are equally important for our heart project.

To create something meaningful with one’s own hands, for the benefit of all, that is a true blessing!


"What we do today will determine what the world looks like tomorrow" -Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
HautSpektakel®: Pamela Tellbach
HautSpektakel®: Creamy Avocado Soap (Block, Snail, Heart and Sample Piece)
HautSpektakel®: Michael Spengler and Pamela Tellbach

What makes us always work with joy and give more than one hundred percent is our why:

Because we love to create valuable and high-quality products with our own hands and thus make a responsible contribution to the well-being of our environment, humans and animals – This fulfills us and drives us every day with heart and soul!

We would like to…

  • make soap a part of everyday life again and carry a piece of our heart into the world for you
  • to realize and live creative ideas, not just dream about them
  • to make an active and decisive contribution to the preservation and relief of environmental resources
  • contribute to the healthy and conscious body care of humans and animals
  • to transport “alternative (healing) knowledge” into the modern age and to do educational work
  • to face interesting challenges every day, to broaden ourselves and our horizons constantly
  • to feel the pulse of time, to meet and advise people who are hungry for knowledge

For this reason, we have dared to take the step of becoming well-being ambassadors on our own and in a professional way.

How a dream became a spectacle.

A visit to a private soap boiling course changed our lives and quickly made the decision grow in us to make soaps for the household ourselves in the future. After extensive research on commercial boiling, we had finally created a variety of soap types – the feedback as well as the great (skin) results then convinced us completely to dedicate ourselves to the HautSpektakel® project with all due respect, seriousness and heart and soul.

The manufacture

We are a manufactory from the bottom of our hearts. But what does that actually mean?

Roughly, manufactory means a company that produces a special product by hand and thus does without machine production. Of course, a high degree of know-how is required in each area. But manufactory means much more than that. It is a vocation, a way of life, a passion and an intensive and very special process of working. We do not simply create products, but something visible, tangible, something handmade. Each piece passes through our own hands, is individually tested and created with heart and soul. The love for the material and the care in the processing can be felt when it is sent out into the world, because it always carries a piece of us with it.


Our environment is our guiding principle and the idea of sustainability is our daily drive. As far as the EU Cosmetics Regulation allows, we do everything possible. This thought runs through our entire production chain and already starts with the packaging, because we pack as minimalist as possible and according to the zero-waste principle: cartons are reused, our packaging is made of recycled paper, our sachets can be reused as nature-friendly storage options. Piece by piece, we want to bring more mindfulness into everyday life – as plastic-free as possible. Everyone can contribute. Take the first step with us!


hand made
Soft Almond Soap

Skin-friendly & transparent

Thinking about the environment also applies to our products themselves, where all ingredients are clearly listed. With us, less is more, because we use

  • no dyes
  • no fragrances
  • no preservatives
  • no fillers
  • no surfactants
  • no microplastics
  • no petroleum
  • no alcohol

This makes us 100% natural, biodegradable and we work only with the valuable substances we receive from the earth. From these we create the highest quality products for every type of skin and coat, completely without chemicals. All products have safety certificates according to the EU cosmetics directives and are tested in a special German laboratory – We keep what others promise.

HautSpektakel®: Pamela Tellbach / Creamy Avocado Soap
HautSpektakel®: Full Moon Soap, Sample Piece

hand made

Produced in Germany in the beautiful Eifel, with heart and mind. We do without a machine production, so you get in our natural workshop nothing that you can buy in any drugstore. We create only natural and handmade products with feel-good effect from selected raw materials. Each piece makes its way to you with love and passion!


Die Wohlfühlmanufaktur